Friday, 18 December 2015

Study: Dogs Can \"Sniff\" Prostate Cancer Almost Every Time

Animal well-known as one of the favorite pet for both men and women is touted to have the ability to recognize if its owner has prostate cancer. Yes, based on recent studies of this animal is said to \’sniff\’ for prostate cancer. Tests conducted by researchers from the Department of Urology, The Humanitas Clinical and Research Centre in Milan, showed that dogs can sniff they examined prostate cancer from human urine. The level of accuracy is also touted reached 98 percent. Dr Claire Guest of Buckinghamshire Charity Medical Detection Dogs say that these results are very spectacular. Although further research

is needed again on whether the dog is actually still need to be trained again for this, but he was sure the dog basically does have a very good sense of smell, so it can detect the presence of disease such as prostate cancer in humans. \”This study provides preliminary evidence that dogs have the ability to detect human cancer. The accuracy of this test is also quite high and this is very interesting, because the tests are not yet sufficient,\” said Guest, as quoted from the Telegraph, Monday (20/4 / 2015). The study by researchers from Italy was conducted

with the involvement of two dogs of German Shepherds. These later two dogs sniffing urine of 900 male respondents, in which 360 of whom 540 had prostate cancer and others do not suffer from the disease. Of the total of 900 samples of urine, dog accuracy in answering for 98.7 percent while other dogs have an accuracy of 97.6 percent. They say the dogs are able to detect volatile organic compounds for prostate cancer in urine. But until now still not known how the dog can do that. Meanwhile, as quoted from the Health Day, researchers from France had also

successfully conducted experiments with dogs. Intelligent animals known it was able to distinguish the smell in question. \”Dogs are able to recognize odor molecules produced by cancer cells. However, we do not yet know what exactly the molecule and the dog can not tell,\” said Jean Nicolas Cornu, researchers from Tenon Hospital, France.

Study: Dogs Can \"Sniff\" Prostate Cancer Almost Every Time

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