Thursday, 10 December 2015

Want to Remove Mole? This Need To Look For

Some people are better known as mole. For example, Rano Karno with a mole on his left chin or the American model, Cindy Crawford, with a mole on the left end of the upper lip. However, some people feel the presence of a mole in his disturbing and should be eliminated. Dr. Sukmawati Tansil Tan, SpKK of Mayapada Hospital said that currently there are chemicals that are sold in the market to remove moles. The procedure removes moles are also offered in some salons. There are also ways of \’traditional\’ that is suspected to remove moles as put camphor, kerosene,

and some other materials into mole. Basically, said Dr. Sukmawati, if the chemicals are applied to the mole and make mole dislodged or peeling, the wounds inflicted must be maintained. \”For five days after the mole dislodged given antibiotics. But if you use this method will usually cause scars,\” explained Dr. Sukmawati in conversation with detikhealth some time ago and was written on Thursday (12/03/2015). If anyone intends to remove moles by tweaking the mole, with the hope of moles and sores can disappear, is not recommended. Because when the mole wound, it will improve. If the wound is constantly

happening, so more vulnerable to bacterial infection. Even feared could trigger a malignancy. The procedure removes moles can also be done in a dermatologist and sex. Generally, doctors will remove the mole and its roots, then stitched leather suit line. \”This method will not leave a big scar,\” explained Dr. Sukmawati. If you intend to remove moles at the dermatologist, it is necessary to set up funds of around Rp 500 thousand – 1 million. The charges depend on each clinic or hospital, also depending on the number of moles to be removed.

Want to Remove Mole? This Need To Look For

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