Thursday, 26 November 2015

Chad, Toddlers Fight Against Brain Cancer at 15 Months Her life

Chad Carr probably still too young to know how serious the disease diidapnya. In such a young age, he was diagnosed with brain cancer. After 15 months of battling the disease, Chad breathed her last. 5-year-old toddler origin of Michigan was found to have a malignant brain tumor inoperable. Chad has passed a series of treatments for Diffuse Pontine Instrinsic Giloma (DIPG), a type of glial tumors are found in the brain. According to the Boston Children\’s Hospital, DIPG tumor located in the cell area of ​​the brain that regulates several vital functions such as breathing, blood pressure and pulse.

Because the doctor could not perform the operation. Also called DIPG difficult to cure. Research shows surgery and chemotherapy proved ineffective, and the best is the effect of radiation although only temporary. After Chad does not respond to treatment, the family decided to move to a hospice Chad (house for people who are ill) earlier this month. In care homes, Chad faster celebrate Christmas with his parents and two brothers. That was done for a \’precaution\’ age Chad will not be until December 25. The family would like Chad have pleasant memories and feel the joy of Christmas with the

family. Chad turns out it can not last much longer. Chad declared dead on 23 November, after a 15 month battle with the disease. \”He left the world in peace and was now running and jumping around in heaven. That\’s the best for his soul,\” wrote the mother, Tammi Carr, on Facebook and quoted on Thursday (11/26/2015). Tammi and the whole family had to give up the departure of Chad for good. They believe this is the best thing for Chad and families. Although Chad died at a young age, but all parties have done their best. Tammi himself has

made The Chad Though Foundation, non-profit that aims to increase the cost for DIPG research and help scientists find a cure. \”We want to do something good in this menyedihan situation, and we want Chad to be part of finding a cure for DIPG,\” says Tammi.

Chad, Toddlers Fight Against Brain Cancer at 15 Months Her life

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