Monday, 23 November 2015

Diligent Practice Yoga, Enno Lerian Claiming So Easy Not Tired

Diligent Practice Yoga, Enno Lerian Claiming So Easy Not Tired Former singer Enno Lerian already four months of regular yoga practice. Do not want to just follow the trend, Enno calls itself a serious training. Moreover, only four months of training, he has benefited from yoga. \”Body I became more flexible. So it Seger. Could be ngatur breath, also not easily tired,\” said Enno in conversation with detikHealth on Jl Gatot Subroto, Jakarta, and was written on Monday (23/11/2015). Enno initially admitted to join the practice of yoga because of trial and error. \”At first I thought of yoga makes sleepy. After trying eh I love,\” he said with a

smile. Enno already proficient at this time do a handstand, which is one position in yoga. He wanted to master more positions, but the singer who popularized the \’Dakocan\’ does not want to be too ngoyo practice. He understood completely when his body could be invited to exercise and when to rest. Because for Enno, sport is not just style-gayaan but because he wants to be healthy. Yoga Enno curious indeed make weight. He wants to master the new positions. Given not want ngoyo, Enno also set a target. For example, after 2 weeks of training, he should be able

to master a certain position. \”Exercise not only in the gym. At home I practice as well,\” said Enno. To maintain a healthy body, not only olahrga Enno. She also keep eating. According to him, about five months she avoids consumption of rice. Carbohydrate intake gets from bananas and whole wheat bread. In addition Enno endeavor to cook their own food. \”Simple really, just sauteed vegetables. If the meat was also not wearing a variety of seasonings or a complicated way, living the same love of black pepper salt,\” he added. Enno used to eat in small portions. Sure, not

long after his stomach will feel hungry, well then he returned to eat. \”Do not let the stomach rumbling too, will become even sick,\” said Enno.

Diligent Practice Yoga, Enno Lerian Claiming So Easy Not Tired

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