Monday, 23 November 2015

Like quip? Call studies Sarcasm Good for Train Creativity

Like quip? Call studies Sarcasm Good for Train Creativity Relationship expert and marriage are often advised to avoid sarcasm when communicating. The reason is simple because sarcasm reveals insult that could hurt the feelings of others and lead to conflict. However, a combination of three research universities in the United States and France found a hidden benefit of this sarcasm behavior. According to the researchers if done correctly it can encourage creativity sarcasm for the sender and the recipient. One researcher, Francesca Gino of Harvard Business School said sarcasm activity involves words with opposite meanings in the message. Therefore, to be crafted it for the sender and to capture

its meaning for recipients of the message processing takes a creative brain. \”This is a process that can activate and facilitated by ABSTRACT, promoting creative mindset,\” Francesca wrote in a report in Scientific American was quoted as saying on Monday (11/23/2015). In the study participants were asked to follow a conversation test scenarios are divided into three: sarcastic, sincere, and neutral. Participants see his response to sarcasm or sincere message and whether they themselves also issued a message of sarcasm or sincere. Those involved in the condition of sarcasm seems to have better performance on tests of creativity than those

who are in genuine conversation or neutral conditions. Francesca admitted but there is no doubt also that sarcasm can destroy a relationship. Therefore, he suggested to keep its use and only done with someone with intimacy and confidence is high.

Like quip? Call studies Sarcasm Good for Train Creativity

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