Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Research: Diet Everyone Can not Beaten score, this reason

Seeing a friend or relative who can eat a lot of fat but not necessarily would make anyone be jealous. But do you know why is that? A recent study conducted in Israel reveal, despite diasup same food, metabolism present in a person\’s body will determine how food is processed http://www.jognote.com/cushion/?link=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ruangtani.com/10-teknik-lengkap-cara-budidaya-lada-bermutu-ekonomi/ and its impact on body weight. Whereas the metabolic system of each person is different. In fact, researchers say, one\’s diet should be adapted to the arrangement mikrobiom or bacteria in the intestines. Because this is a key factor if the food consumed will lead to increase in blood sugar

or not. \”Simply put, if the response to me and you against one type of food at the opposite, so there is the possibility of specific diet is not effective for both of us,\” concluded the researchers, Dr. Elan Elinav of Immunology Department, Weizmann Institute of Science, as quoted by ABC Australia, Tuesday (24/11/2015). This is evidenced by the researchers make observations on 800 volunteers, most of them classified as pre-diabetic. Each of them fitted with a tool to monitor their blood sugar levels, and also record the movement as well as their diet. In just one week, has seen

a significant change in the participants\’ blood sugar levels. \”We think in most people, blood sugar will rise while eating ice cream. But we found, they are not responsive to the ice cream at all, and is seen in 70 percent of participants,\” he said With the existing data, the researchers then developed an algorithm formula to predict the glycemic response of the body of the participants to various types of food. These calculations have been based on the factors of which the composition of bacteria in the gut, daily activity, cholesterol and the nutritional content of food. When this

formula is applied at 100 different participants, researchers found that the algorithm can provide accurate predictions about blood sugar response to foods diasup each of the participants, even when compared with the results of the count nutritionist though. \”Interestingly, here we found a food that exists in a http://www.fuzokubk.com/cgi-bin/LinkO.cgi?u=www.ruangtani.com/16-cara-lengkap-dan-mudah-budidaya-jamur-tiram-putih/ healthy person\’s diet may be classified into unhealthy eating patterns for others. So this is really individual nature,\” concludes Elinav.

Research: Diet Everyone Can not Beaten score, this reason

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