Monday, 23 November 2015

Sports Can Make Younger? Here Explanations Doctors

If you want to stay young, the advice that is often heard is: diligent exercise. Why do sports can make ageless? \”When the exercise, the heart pumps blood faster so that the blood circulation is also more smoothly. At the time of exercise, the blood vessels also widen,\” explained Dr. Sukmawati Tansil Tan, SpKK of RS Mayapada met at Jalan Gatot Subroto and written on Monday (23/11 / 2015). With sport, continued Dr. Sukmawati, someone will regulate breathing, also breathe in more oxygen. Well, it would help the cells to regenerate. In addition, people who exercise regularly generally have a

good sleep pattern. Good sleep and enough is also very necessary for the cells to repair themselves. Exercise also can often be used as a means to reduce stress. Well, stress is also one of the sources of aging. So as to reduce stress, the aging can also be prevented. To note, the stress trigger the formation of free radicals that cause oxidation in cells and tissues. \”In sports yoga for instance there is a head-down, feet up. It was a movement against the earth\’s gravity, can improve wrinkles,\” said the doctor\’s glasses. \”When the sport, the blood vessels in

the skin can be enough nutrition, so that aging itself is also reduced,\” added Dr. Sukmawati. Related to aging, the process actually began at the age of 25-35 years, where the hormones begin to diminish. Besides exposure to air pollution, unhealthy diet, systemic disease and physical problems also contributed to the cause of the aging person. To avoid aging it is advisable to protect themselves from exposure to direct sun. For example, using a cap or covering up. Do not forget to eat foods rich in vitamin E. Although there was currently offering disguise wrinkle cosmetic or actions to reduce

wrinkles by way of peeling and laser surgery.

Sports Can Make Younger? Here Explanations Doctors

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