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The Menopause Influenced Female Age Menstrual First, Really?

The Menopause Influenced Female Age Menstrual First, Really? Around the age of 50-60 years, women generally had experienced menopause. But, often referred also that the time of menopause a woman also depends on at what age they first menstruate. Is that right? \”It is a myth of antiquity. The level of estrogen in women generally decreases with age. So, I\’ll come to the point where your ovaries stop releasing an egg,\” said the specialist gynecologist and obstetrics Dr. Jennifer Ashton, as quoted from the Prevention on Saturday (21 / 11/2015). The woman who is also a co-host of \’The Doctor\’ said one of the benchmarks that can be

used to predict menopause at any age the mother of the woman also experience menopause. Dr. Ashton reminded, for women who smoke, menopause can more quickly be experienced. Therefore, substances in cigarettes can affect an adverse effect on the ovaries. In addition, smoking can impede blood circulation in the body. The less blood that circulates to the uterus and ovaries, women will not have regular menstrual periods. To that end, Dr. Ashton suggested for women smokers to stop smoking immediately, which is one of the best ways to delay menopause. In addition, autoimmune problems such as thyroid disease can cause

the immune system mistakenly \’attacked ovaries\’ that could pose a risk of menopause faster than normal time. \”Even when you are not related to menopause when you first menstruation, diet and lifestyle, including stress experienced still play a role in when you are going through menopause,\” said Dr. Ashton. Quoted from Boldsky, there are some natural ways that can be done to minimize the risk of early menopause: 1. Consumption of antioxidants Menopause is essentially a sign that the body is aging. To slow it down, you need to maintain a youthful body. One way, the consumption of foods rich

in antioxidants such as fruits, olive oil, broccoli, peppers and others. This will expel toxins from the body and delay the signs of aging. 2. Exercise regularly Menopause is most often caused by improper ovulation. Ovulation problems, in turn, occurs when you have a body that does not fit. Not to mention, the body is exposed to a lot of pollution and junk food so that the aging process even faster. In addition to being one way to avoid toxins, exercise also increases blood circulation, which generally leads to a regular menstrual period. 3. Eat foods rich in phytoestrogens Just

before menopause, levels of estrogen in a woman\’s body begins to decline. As with anticipation, you can obtain estrogen by eating foods rich in phytoestrogens. For example, soy products and grains such as wheat and rye that can help delay the menopause.

The Menopause Influenced Female Age Menstrual First, Really?

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