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The story of Aaron, Boy Without Brains Finally Can Call Her mother

The story of Aaron, Boy Without Brains Finally Can Call Her mother Initially Emma Murray never thought she was pregnant again. On the day of the birth of her second son, she just burst appendix suspect that he had to be rushed to the hospital. He is more confident if not pregnant because her menstrual not stop, and he did not feel nauseous or vomiting should pregnant women in general. But he acknowledges his weight slightly increased. \”So, it turns out I was going to give birth,\” the story of Emma. This young mother was transferred to Wishaw General Hospital by ambulance. Shortly after birth, the medical team immediately realized the baby\’s

head Emma looked bigger than a baby his age. The little one was immediately taken to the neonatal unit. After waiting some time, she finally told if the baby did not have a brain, but only the brain stem. It means that your child\’s brain is not fully formed, or in medical terms is called \’holoprosencephaly\’. Not surprisingly, when Aaron was born, he had predicted would not live long. \”In fact I was told, he probably would live only three minutes, three hours or three days,\” recalls Emma as quoted by the Mirror, Saturday (21/11/2015). Even so baby boy who

later named Aaron it shows itself to survive. Several hours after being baptized, Aaron was able to breathe on their own without the tools. Of a medical certificate, despite having only a brain stem, other body organs Aaron complete and can work even if its function is limited. \”He is still able to breathe, see and hear. It was a miracle for us. Even a week later,\” said a woman who lives in Airdrie, Lanarkshire them. Aaron also briefly referred to Yorkhill Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow where the fluid in his brain removed little by little. It was not

until eight weeks later Aaron was discharged despite still having to commute to the hospital for check-ups. And finally the most moving moment occurred last September. \”At that time we were in the front room. He just lay on the carpet and I was next to him while clapping, say the word \’Mummy\’ repeatedly,\” said Emma. As usual, Aaron giggle to hear it. But subsequent response totally unexpected Emma, ​​Aaron seemed to answer it by saying \’Mummy\’. \”He truly mimic what I said. I was looking at it a moment of shock, and I was crying, it was so emotional,\”

he said. With the limitations of her son, she had felt maybe Aaron never spoke lifetime. But the moment it proves that it did not seem impossible. Even Aaron began to learn to pronounce another word like \’Hello\’. Jill Yaz from the Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (SHINE) admitted impressed with Aaron\’s ability to remember the little guy just had brain stem in the head because the brain stem can not control one\’s mindset and awareness. \”So the fact that she could giggle and smile and say simple words is a remarkable thing. Nobody can explain it,\” he explained.

The story of Aaron, Boy Without Brains Finally Can Call Her mother

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