Thursday, 26 November 2015

Woman with 10 personalities, some of which Buta

Woman with 10 personalities, some of which Buta The eye\’s ability to see is completely determined by the brain. But a rare case prove though brain and visual system otherwise healthy person, concerned appeared to still be blind. What\’s the story? Recently, a team of researchers from the Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich report a unique case that they find of a female patient. Originally known only to the patient is diagnosed with the initials BT \’cortical blindness\’. But because there was no physical damage to the eyes, the doctor concluded that his eyesight disorder triggered by the possibility of brain damage. Incidentally when BT was 20, he had

been involved in an accident. 13 Years later, BT was referred to a psychotherapist, and there found the fact that he has a split personality, or in medical terms is referred to as \’dissociative identity disorder\’ (DID). Of note the psychotherapist, BT has 10 personalities who were all fighting to control herself. Only when it has not found any link between the two conditions. Until finally in the fourth year of treatment, BT claimed could see the words on a magazine cover. BT when it was controlled by the \’personality\’ of a teenage boy. Even in the journal mentioned, this

woman of vision \’arise sink\’ in seconds, depending on the personality which is being mastered himself. Fortunately, after some long lasting therapy, 8 of 10 personalities who owned the 37-year-old woman is no longer blind. From there, researchers are also psychologists, Hans Strasburger and Bruno Waldvogel believe if blindness experienced by BT was not the result of brain damage, but psychological disorders. Primarily as an emotional response to an accident that happened when he was young. They also make sure to use an electroencephalogram (EEG) to measure the brain\’s response to visual stimuli BT. It turns out though patients experiencing

blindness, brain can not respond to that stimulus. But when his eyesight was back, his brain\’s response seemed normal. \”In situations of very intense emotional triggers, patients sometimes expect to be blind or do not need to see, so that his eyesight as lost,\” said Strasburger to Braindecoder and quoted on Thursday (11/26/2015).

Woman with 10 personalities, some of which Buta

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