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American Civil War

American Civil War your own American Civil War took location within 1861 to be able to 1865 on the southern United States; likewise within eastern, central AS WELL AS southwestern regions. ones outcome involving the bloody civil battle are ones defeat of an seceding CSA. your current 1st leaders on the War were your effectively known Abraham Lincoln AS WELL AS Jefferson Davis. Both involving these kind of men were corageous leaders, AS WELL AS huge names regarding their time, ALONG WITH ours. Casualties of the war include: Killed with Action: 110,100 Total dead Toll: 359,500 Wounded: 275,200 The war claimed extra

American lives in comparison with virtually any different conflict in history, with of about 560,000 complete killed of which in the night out was a stagerring 1.78% involving population AND a lot more than 970,000 casualties in which again is often a staggering 3.09% of the population. Often times debated, ones causes of an civil war, and in many cases your own title of your war itself, are generally still really left up on the air. When Abraham Lincoln feel elected in 1860 seven STATES existed: these kind of UNITED STATES were: South Carolina (December 20, 1860), Mississippi (January 9,

1861), Florida (January 10, 1861), Alabama (January 11, 1861), Georgia (January 19, 1861), Louisiana (January 26, 1861), AND Texas (February 1, 1861). Lincoln \\\’m not even on the ballot with eight UNITED STATES on the South. many Leaders via South Carolina had long been waiting regarding a great event This will then unite your own South against your anti-slavery forces. Any time ones election returns were certain, the special South Carolina convention declared \”that your Union today subsisting between South Carolina and other USA under ones name of an \’United STATES regarding America\’ can be hereby dissolved.\” via February 1,

1861, six to eight more Southern US had seceded. as a result at February 7, your current seven US adopted an provisional constitution to its Confederate STATES regarding America AS WELL AS established their capital at Montgomery, Alabama. from March 4, 1861, less compared to the month later, Abraham Lincoln are sworn with Just as President of the United States. He mentioned on this night out This he had absolutely no intention in order to invade southern states, but would EMPLOY The stress in order to maintain possession regarding federal property. your own South, especially South Carolina, forgotten about the plea via Lincoln, AND hence with April 12, ones South fired on to your Federal troops there were stationed from Fort Sumter inside Charleston, South Carolina. your firing continued until your own troops surrendered. the crucial event is actually what several was are the start of an American Civial War.

American Civil War

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