Saturday, 2 January 2016

Can someone Overheating When Eating Healthy Food Believed

When considered healthy, it could be believed to be less satiating foods. As a result, someone will mengasup more servings of these foods. At least, that the results of a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Texas, Austin. Dipublikasiakn In a study in The Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, the researchers observed three previous studies to see how people are eating when they assume the food is healthy. The first study asked 50 participants to make implicit association test in which participants were asked about the attitude and belief in the concept of healthy food

and the food filling levels. Meanwhile, the second study measured levels of hunger than 40 participants. A total of 40 people were given various labels cake with healthy and unhealthy. Meanwhile, the third study asked 72 people whose food intake was described as healthy and unhealthy foods, as long as they watch short films. \”The result is known as the participants are faced with a healthy diet, they will order the larger portion, eaten in greater amounts, and they report the levels of hunger are lower after a meal,\” said one of the researchers in their report, as quoted from

Newsmaxhealth on Saturday (01/02/2016). In addition, participants also found eating foods that are believed to be healthy servings of healthy food because they believe not too make full. Therefore, researchers assume healthy label on food packaging can affect consumer behavior. \”Labelling \’healthy\’ could contribute to increasing the levels of obesity. Rather than label healthier, better stated nutrient content of the food so that consumers are more familiar with foods that are nutritious and filling and healthy, to avoid overeating,\” said one researcher.

Can someone Overheating When Eating Healthy Food Believed

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