Saturday, 2 January 2016

Innovation Nations Children who imitated Gratuitous and Sale Free

Innovation Nations Children who imitated Gratuitous and Sale Free Not inferior to foreign nations, Indonesia\’s young generation is also often display new innovations in various fields. One of the proud is the discovery of toothpicks detection borax by two high school students in Semarang. They are Luthfia Adila and Dayu Laras Wening of SMA 3 Semarang. They succeeded in designing a practical and easy method to detect the content of borax in food, namely the rapid testkit JHG than standard for detecting borax contained in food, in the form of a toothpick named SIBODEC (Stick of Borax Detector). But last May, the news is proud to be tarnished by

the circulation detector borax content of the claimed \’similar SIBODEC\’ on the internet. These products are distributed not only in the online store, but several, and the seller is also not just one. The shape is no different from ordinary toothpick, but the color is more yellow. Although it does not include any information on the packaging, but the seller claims it contains turmeric toothpick, just like the material used two students from Semarang inventor SIBODEC. On the internet, this product is also said to be selling well as an affordable price, which ranges between Rp 20,000-40,000 only, with one

package containing 70 stem toothpick. This price is much cheaper than borax test devices commonly used in laboratories and for hundreds of thousands of rupiah. But about the accuracy, toothpick detection borax are sold freely on the Internet that supposedly still in doubt. This is corroborated by the statement of Adila and Wening when confirmed about the circulation of toothpicks detection borax in the market. \”There\’s no connection at our tools. We have not SIBODEC production,\” said Wening to detikHealth some time ago. Both claim to be disappointed because he felt his work was not appreciated, especially SIBODEC developed for

months and require no small effort. From the search results detikHealth, toothpick detection borax sold on the internet is also claimed to be equally practical to SIBODEC, then stabbed stay visible color change. Adila and Wening also claimed to fret with the circulation of a broadcast message about how making SIBODEC. Chain messages that do not clear the source said that the detector can be made borax itself by sticking a toothpick in turmeric. After that, a toothpick inserted again on foods suspected of containing borax. If there is a positive borax, supposedly the color will be red. Underneath, also

included a statement that the same method used by Adila and Wening, In addition to fear of blame when toothpick Abal Abal is not proven effective, they worry about the circulation of misleading information is going to complicate the process for patents for SIBODEC because she thought the manufacturing process has been leaked to the public.

Innovation Nations Children who imitated Gratuitous and Sale Free

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