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Plastic Rice diresahkan Circulation Society

Plastic Rice diresahkan Circulation Society Dewi Septiani, a resident of Bekasi, West Java, said he wondered why the rice was cooking that day does not go smooth and soft. Though he had been due to be put on the cooking results for selling porridge and rice uduk. In fact according to the Goddess, when cooked, the rice that sticks to the pan, even after one hour ditanak. A few days earlier, his brother-in-law also complain of abdominal pain after cooking and eating rice from the same rice. Suspecting, Dewi decided to seek information via the Internet and then find a video about the circulation of

rice in China whose characteristics are similar to the goddess of rice purchased. \”There I give the conclusion that the rice false, can not be eaten. Finally I share to Facebook, Instagram, I remind other friends to be careful to buy rice. Due to hurt us all especially with this digestion. Moreover, I have merchant, give eat children, husband and my customers all the school children, \”he said. Goddard also admitted sending a report to the email address BPOM but allegedly wrong so he decided to report to the Police Bantargebang. Besides questioning, authorities immediately took samples of rice were

still raw and cooked rice samples Goddess. Samples were then taken by the laboratory Sucofindo, Forensic Police, Industry and Trade, and the Ministry of Agriculture. Of the four laboratories, only laboratories of the Sucofindo (SOE in the field of inspection, supervision, testing, and assessment) who stated that rice was rice synthetic. In fact, because of the statement, the mayor of Bekasi immediately issued a statement on the rice distribution of plastic in their working area. Described by Head of Testing Laboratory Sucofindo, Adisam ZN, from samples obtained proved that the rice positive plastic raw material compounds with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

These compounds are used in the manufacture of cables, pipes, or any other industry that uses a plastic material. Adisam added, at first glance the original rice grain and rice looks similar plastic. However, when considered carefully, will appear more turbid color original rice and rice husk is no streaks. While grain rice is more clear and smooth plastic. No strokes. \”It\’s a fake, cleaner and smoother,\” said Adisam. Another way to distinguish them is to cook it. According Adisam, native rice will become soft and broad like porridge, as well as water rendamannya changed into murky. \”If the water

is cloudy false and rice did not inflate. When cooked, the rice of the original absorb water and does not clot. While plastic rice sticky and clumping,\” he added. Adisam suspect is intentionally made of plastic rice and processed rice to resemble the original, then the current distribution, artificial rice mixed with native rice. Sucofindo studied samples were then examined again at the forensic laboratory, but the results remained negative. From there police said a plastic rice that does not really exist and circulate in Indonesia, so that people do not need to fret. In fact there is a call,

on this issue politically laden alone. Regardless, consultant gastrointestinal tract from Cipto Mangunkusumo, Dr. Ari Fahrial, SpPD-KGEH, FINASIM argued, if true rice containing plastics, so when cooked rice that can release toxins, which can then be absorbed by the intestines and damage organs important body such as the liver, kidneys, the reproductive system and the gastrointestinal tract. The same thing also expressed Adisam. \”The risk of direct consumption continues to measure the infinite, will caused abdominal pain, nausea, because it can not directly digest. The process of long-term impact of cancer research,\” he said. In fact, according Adisam, plastic compound

material is already banned in Europe is used as a raw material toys because quite harmful if swallowed up children. \”So it certainly should not be used in food,\” he said.

Plastic Rice diresahkan Circulation Society

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