Tuesday, 12 January 2016

San Francisco Schools Connect to China and its Chinese Community

San Francisco Schools Connect to China and its Chinese Community your current Alice Fong Yu alternative School The Alice Fong Yu option School, single San Francisco School, will be the primary Chinese immersion school in the United States. ones school is created to be a two-way Chinese/English instructional environment. your school gives a great outstanding educational experience pertaining to http://whobis.com/www.tuxindonesia.com children connected with almost all backgrounds. all students from Alice Fong Yu produce competency in the Cantonese IN ADDITION TO English languages AND make use of the only two languages actively at the content curriculum. your current school aims to have just about all students to be able to converse

inside ALONG WITH always be literate inside both English IN ADDITION TO Cantonese via 5th grade. ones Mandarin language will be further following ones fifth grade. ones Mandarin/English method can be similar with scope IN ADDITION TO perform for the Cantonese/English program. ones technique can be intended to vigorously include your current staff, parents, AND students inside societal ALONG WITH language education. the Alice Fong Yu school benefits parents AND ALSO volunteers in a variety of enrichment programs this type of as, Performing Arts Workshop, Poets on the Schools, AS WELL AS science AND library consultants. The Alice Fong Yu

selection School’s Chinese exchange Program Created in 2000, the deal program sends your eighth grade class for you to Beijing to meet it is Chinese pen pals. your own technique offers students your own opportunity to utilize their knowledge of any Chinese language AS WELL AS culture within a great real life experience. your students travel in order to Beijing AND ALSO Hong Kong during which they meet Chinese students his or her age. the particular experience makes it possible for students in order to experience your current culture first-hand IN ADDITION TO put it is language skills to the

ultimate test. In January regarding 2005, your current system came closer to be able to like a real transaction program. San Francisco Schools by the Alice Fong Yu School hosted students ALONG WITH teachers with the Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University. your own selected students ALONG WITH a couple of teachers by China stayed in host families AND ALSO participated in classes AND ALSO school performs just like English, art AS WELL AS modern dance classes. your own Chinese students were capable of tour City College, ones Chinese Consulate IN ADDITION TO a lot of interesting tourist

destinations on the San Francisco area. Both your own local IN ADDITION TO Chinese students spent its date practicing English IN ADDITION TO Mandarin. Dance AND Art Students through San Francisco Schools Travel to help China Other programs in San Francisco Schools have allowed students for you to travel to China to help participate throughout international exchanges AND ALSO competitions. your summer all 5 students because of the San Francisco School connected with Arts may travel to be able to ShenZhen, China As representatives of an US at the ShenZhen International Culture IN ADDITION TO Arts Festival. As portion of

any Educational purchase technique facilitated coming from Dr. Marie Lee, Director involving East/West son Research AND Development Center AS WELL AS former school administrator of an San Francisco Schools, all student expenses in China is usually sent inside full through the ShenZhen Nanshan Government. your five chosen students will probably run 2 dances, Chant of any Sirens AS WELL AS Basin Street Blues. your School of the Arts students were the lone students with the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA invited towards Festival with 2006. ones three hundred students on the Festival represented nations via world-wide including: Australia/ New Zealand, Russia,

Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, IN ADDITION TO others. ALONG WITH performing in the Festival students will Simply click schools, attend art exhibitions, eat new foods, Visit tourist http://who-hosts.com/www.tuxindonesia.com locations, ALONG WITH learn exactly about Chinese culture AS WELL AS language even though staying within Chinese families AND ALSO students.

San Francisco Schools Connect to China and its Chinese Community

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