Saturday, 2 January 2016

Scientists Promise Three Years Organs of 3D Printer Can Be Used

Patients involved in accidents or disturbances that have to undergo surgery for a new nose or ears soon may be able to breathe freely. Because in the near future printer technology 3 dimensional (3D) has promised to create a new human nose or ears. The process is described by experts in Swansea, UK, involving human cells a person who intentionally grown in an incubator and then mixed into a liquid gel. Liquids that have contained human cells are then printed using a 3D printer then becomes a needed organ. \”Most people would often hear a 3D printer used to make

the goods of plastic and metal. It has grown so now we can begin to consider bio-printing, completely different,\” said plastic surgeon Professor Iain Whitaker of the Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery, quoted by the BBC on Saturday (02/01/2016). \”This can be used to re-create the missing organs such as the nose or the ears and in the future a greater share again as bone, muscle, and blood vessels,\” said Whitaker. Whitaker said the project using 3D printers have actually been running since 2012 and study of new tissue to grow outside the body has been made over

the last 20 years. Expected within the next three years the technology is ready for widespread use. \”If our research is successful, within two months you can make part of the body that was there before without having to take another part of the body that would still make cuts,\” added Whitaker.

Scientists Promise Three Years Organs of 3D Printer Can Be Used

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