Sunday, 22 November 2015

Duh! This danger If Children use the Internet Without Assistance

Duh! This danger If Children use the Internet Without Assistance Some parents might be proud if their children are very adept at surfing in cyberspace. However, it should be understood that the virtual world without limits can make astray. It is therefore important to provide assistance to children when using the Internet. Lost here meant the child no longer be^ able to distinguish what is right and what is a hoax because they tend to believe in all the things that come from the Internet. Dangerous is not it? This is the result of research Ofcom. Ofcom research shows an increase in the number of children who too believe what

they read online. Risks that may occur are the children would grow up and not be able to determine which one is correct. Nearly one in 10 children who use the Internet to believe that everything on the internet is true. As well as most children aged 12-15 years are not aware that \’vloggers\’ (video bloggers) can be paid to the promotion of the product. It means that most children are not aware that the information in the internet can exist because of pay, without knowing the truth. Nearly 5 young men 12-15 years of trust with the information obtained

from the search engine Google. Ofcom study also found that children are turning to YouTube for more accurate information. But only half are aware that advertising is also a major source of income for YouTube. Ofcom study quoted by the Telegraph on Saturday (21/11/2015) also found that three-quarters of the children are older believe that people would behave differently online. 67 percent of older girls say that she did not like. Nearly a third of them have problems with people who often gossiping, and a quarter said that people can be nasty and evil while using the internet. It was

also reported about one in 10 children who play on the internet at the age of eight to 15 do not like to spend a long time at the computer. While almost a third of children aged 12 to 15 years admitted to spending a lot of time on social media. The majority of the children involved in the study said they would tell their parents, family members, and teachers if you see on the internet is something alarming, disgusting and offensive. While 6 percent of calls will not tell anyone.

Duh! This danger If Children use the Internet Without Assistance

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