Sunday, 22 November 2015

The story of David, Boy 8 Years with Lung Cancer

The story of David, Boy 8 Years with Lung Cancer David Spisak Junior of Virginia, USA, was first diagnosed with leukemia at the age of two years. Now, six years later, he had undergone two bone marrow transplants and is fighting the cancer incidence fourth. Doctors estimate life expectancy David just four or six weeks if no treatment. But pity the families who saw David decides to take him home and choose to be a boy eight years spent precious time like an ordinary child. \”We decided it was time we gave David childhood. When the end of the same, if he will continue to get cancer, if she can

not win, we decided to give him everything today,\” said the mother, Amber Spisak, such as quoted by ABC News on Saturday (11/21/2015). Then what is desired by David? Surprisingly he did not want the grandiose but only want to meet with a female friend at school named Ayla. The family actually knew that David kept it for Ayla, but not too they notice. After David often treated and no longer go to school, Ayla often send letters complete with his cell phone number. Other school friends also sent a letter to David. With the help of parents Ayla, David\’s

family could prepare for the time their children spend time together. David in a wheelchair to meet with Ayla bowling place while carrying a teddy bear and a bouquet of flowers. Ayla accompany all day and helped David to play bowling. At one point David is eager to stand up from his wheelchair, running, and throwing bowling balls. \”David is very determined, really pushing myself to Ayla. When we realize that this is not a love-romance usual, when we can feel there is a link the original, we are happy Ayla came in on David and David also come in

live Ayla,\” said Amber , \”We did not think he could feel this experience given the limited time,\” he concluded.

The story of David, Boy 8 Years with Lung Cancer

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