Friday, 11 December 2015

Boy 5 Year Donate Organs Before Died Infection Not Unusual

Boy 5 Year Donate Organs Before Died Infection Not Unusual The boy suddenly fell down and lost consciousness some time ago. Although it was rushed to the emergency unit, but the doctor would say, live your child probably will not be much longer. A few days before falling unconscious at his home in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, Persephonee Norma Nefzeger Banks had complained of respiratory problems. He was given steroids to help restore the condition. But when he got in the hospital, the doctor reveals that Persephoone streptococcal infection are rare. This is because the bacteria streptococcus is a bacteria that attacks Persephonee unusual appears in the throat, causing fatal complications

in the poor Persephonee. \”So we see the situation deteriorate. In the end the doctor told us the most frightening thing, \’I\’m sure your daughter could not be saved\’,\” said the father, Chris. Persephonee eventually died peacefully two days later, at the age of five. But before he died, Persephonee had donated his organs to three people in need. One of them is an adult patient who has been waiting for six years to get a kidney donor, and the other a six-year-old boy. Their lives were saved thanks to an organ donor from Persephonee. \”I was told that his

life might not be long. Then we decided to order Persephonee donate their organs could continue to \’live\’ in the body of another person,\” said the mother, Amee. After writing this melancholy story in the site GoFundMe, Chris and Amee get a lot of sympathy for their daughter. Almost all of those touched by the story Persephonee. \”Our daughter is a girl who is cheerful and full of energy. I want everyone to know and remember it like that,\” said Chris, as quoted from, Monday (02/03/2015). Because the story has inspired many people, a GoFundMe page to Persephonee was

created in memory of the child. And in just three days, they had increased to $ 22,000 US dollars (about USD 285 million).

Boy 5 Year Donate Organs Before Died Infection Not Unusual

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