Friday, 4 December 2015

Diet feel less \"Macho\", Men So Lazy Treatment for Diabetes

For sports affairs and maintain ideal body weight in order to stay, usually more good men. The average for a man considered to be more focused and not easily tempted as well as women. However, a recent study reveals, if a man overdo lazy maintain weight and diet and was diagnosed with diabetes, they become more vulnerable to die from the condition. The reason was very simple. According to investigators, the men of this kind feel too \’macho\’ to follow a recommended diet that has been prescribed by a doctor. This is evident from the analysis of Dr. Marlene Krag

of the University of Copenhagen and his team on the results of an experiment conducted in Denmark in the period 1989-1995. In this experiment, each participant was asked to undergo a health and special dietary adjustments that have been determined to treat diabetes researchers that they experienced. Whereas the comparison group are free to choose the method of treatment, and are free to change it at any time. Six years later, the researchers noted, these efforts do not affect the participant\’s death or other negative impacts. A total of 1,381 participants, only 970 people were left at the end of

the study. 478 of whom were women and 492 other men. But from there they discovered an interesting fact. Participants who follow the doctor\’s recommendations tend to have a record of blood sugar lower than careless. Moreover, their risk of premature death decreases by 26 percent, as well as the risk of premature death due to diabetes, which was reduced by 30 percent. In fact, they took the risk of stroke decreased by 41 percent. Participants also noted a 35 percent lower risk for experiencing complications from diabetes, such as amputation or blindness. But interestingly, a similar effect was found

only in participants were women, rather than men. \”It seems that women are more receptive when they are diagnosed with a condition, and then try to manage the disease well, so this effect on their long-term treatment outcomes,\” concluded Dr. Krag as quoted from the journal Diabetologia, Monday (11/30/2015).

Diet feel less \"Macho\", Men So Lazy Treatment for Diabetes

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