Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Do not underestimate, Doctor Call Also Can Trigger Heartburn Esophagus Cancer

Do not underestimate, Doctor Call Also Can Trigger Heartburn Esophagus Cancer After consuming alcohol or spicy foods, a burning sensation in the chest may arise. But, when the condition was felt constantly, it\’s good not to be taken lightly and see a doctor immediately. As the narrative gastrointestinal specialist at Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore, Patrick Hyatt, MD, he never got a patient who reported experiencing heartburn after eating spicy food wine and excess. But then, the patient difficulty swallowing. \”It turns out that, after examination, patients with throat cancer and had spread to her heart. Departing from cases like that I strongly advise people to consult a doctor if they often

feel heartburn,\” said Hyatt, as quoted from Men\’s Health on Wednesday (16/12 / 2015). Hyatt explained, when stomach acid up into the esophagus, there will be discomfort around the solar plexus. Afterwards, heartburn can indeed subside but stomach acid can cause permanent damage to the lining of the throat. When it happens quite often from time to time, the cells lining the esophagus are replaced by cells that are more resistant to stomach acid. This condition is called Barrett\’s esophagus, said Hyatt. According to him, these cells are more likely to change the state of pre-cancer to cancer. According to

the American Cancer Society, men were three to four times higher chance of developing esophageal cancer than women. \”But heartburn that lead to esophageal cancer is still rare. According to the National Cancer Institute, although nearly half of the population experience heartburn, only 0.5 percent of cancer of the esophagus,\” said Hyatt. If you experience heartburn more than once a week then do not subside despite taking medication, and difficulty in swallowing, vomiting blood, or vomiting while not sick, Hyatt advised to immediately check the doctor. Typically, the doctor will ask you to do inspection of Barrett esophagus. According to

Hyatt, minimally invasive procedures can make the esophagus becomes normal again so that the risk of esophageal cancer can be suppressed. If you are not known to have Barrett esopgahus but often experience heartburn, Hyatt recommends avoiding triggers heartburn and do not lie down for three hours after a meal. \”Lose weight could be an option because belly fat can put more pressure on the stomach to make it easier stomach acid into the esophagus. In addition, the consumption of some drugs and maintain the diet and stress can certainly help suppress the production of stomach acid,\” said Hyatt.

Do not underestimate, Doctor Call Also Can Trigger Heartburn Esophagus Cancer

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