Sunday, 13 December 2015

Do not underestimate the IPB case, Hep-A Ever Sabotage Causes Epidemic and Rumors

Symptoms are mild and can indeed heal by itself, but never underestimate the Hepatitis A (Hep-A). History records this disease never trigger severe epidemics in Shanghai, to bring up the rumors of sabotage Sea Games. Step IPB (Bogor Agricultural University) to directly hold medical examinations for students demonstrate its seriousness the face of an outbreak (Extraordinary Events) hepatitis A. As of Saturday (12/12/2015) yesterday, a total of 204 students have been examined and 11 of them were referred for check lab. But when compared occurring at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta in 2008-2009 ago, outbreaks in IPB this time

may not amount to much. \’Only\’ 37 students suspected of contracting, new itupun based on data from the Student Executive Board (BEM) and not all confirmed by the Health Office (DHO) Bogor Regency. UGM, which contracted in the hundreds. Not to forget, the Ministry of Health also has fielded a team to IPB to jointly conduct investigations. Together with a team of Bogor District Health Office, Ministry of Health team has taken samples from a number of points including a refill mineral water that is around IPB. The result will be known in 1-2 weeks. \”Yesterday the director dropped directly

from P2ML (Communicable Disease Control Jump),\” said Dr. Yessi Desputri, Section Head of Surveillance and Epidemiology DHO Bogor, IPB found in recently. The World Health Organization (WHO) called the hepatitis A virus as a cause of infection sourced food (foodborne) are most commonly found around the world. Epidemics due to water and food contaminated with this virus can be very explosive as happened in Shanghai in 1988. In the course of the epidemic, there were approximately 300,000 people are infected after eating shellfish from contaminated waters. Meanwhile, Chairman of Dispute Resolution (Indonesian Heart Research Association), Dr. Dr. Rino Alvani Gani,

SpPD-KGEH to detikHealth reminded again outbreaks in Depok, West Java and Parahyangan University Bandung in 2011. The appearance of the two outbreaks are very close time with the implementation of the SEA Games in Jakarta and Palembang, that had led to rumors of sabotage. According to Dr. Rino, outbreak prevention measures undertaken in IPB is now very precise. But that alone is not enough. Furthermore, dissemination of good hygiene practices as well as hygiene and sanitation is also important to reduce the risk of reappearance of outbreaks in the future. \”It can be seen only from the number of number

of patients. Hepatitis A is the same as HIV (Human Imunodeficiency Virus), which is visible only the tip of an iceberg. It can not be taken lightly just because infected just 37 people,\” said Dr. Rino.

Do not underestimate the IPB case, Hep-A Ever Sabotage Causes Epidemic and Rumors

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