Monday, 14 December 2015

Due to ill Brain Eating Meat Imports 10 Years Ago, Man\"s Death

The death of this man can be said to be mysterious. When he first got sick, her diagnosis would say he had a mental disorder. Even the few times he was taken to a psychiatric hospital because of it. However, autopsy results say otherwise. This man was born in the Middle East and then moved to America in the 1990s. There he became a naturalized citizen and reportedly healthy until the end of 2012. But in the same year, or when the age of 40 years, he suddenly showed symptoms of depression and anxiety. In fact, the longer he increasingly

frequent hallucinations and behavioral changes, including being closed. Initially doctors suspected he suffered from depression accompanied by symptoms of psychosis or bipolar disorder with psychosis. But despite undergoing treatment, he remains also did not recover. But team doctors found there was one strange physical symptoms of the patient, the muscles often reflex or move by itself. From he then asked to undergo a series of special tests and the doctors suspect this man suffered \’variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD)\’. This is reinforced by the results of his urine test positive, although examination of blood samples declared negative. The only way to

be sure is by brain biopsy, but when performed on patients who are still alive, this will worsen the condition. Not long after the patient\’s condition actually worsened, and he died in May last year in Texas. Then the doctors can do a biopsy of the brain and ensure the patient contracted vCJD. Please note that vCJD is a rare condition. That\’s why doctors had repeatedly wrong diagnosis of the patient. The disease is thought to arise because eating meat that has been contaminated by prions, or proteins that carry infectious diseases and forms a lesion in the brain. The

vCJD cases in the UK, namely 200 cases within a year 1980-1990an. In the US alone there are newly recorded three cases of vCJD, incidentally all patients had previously lived in the UK or Saudi Arabia. The same thing is found in patients. He had never lived in England, but he never lived in Kuwait, Russia and Lebanon. And it reinforced the alleged investigators about the origins of vCJD disease diidapnya, as happened to the three countries to import meat from Britain. \”These symptoms tend to appear later making it difficult for us to provide a diagnosis,\” said researchers from

the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Baylor College of Medicine, as quoted by LiveScience, Friday (17/04/2015). But with this case, at least the researchers hope the doctors can anticipate a patient who had lived in endemic countries vCJD, so that when the symptoms appear, patients have been handled earlier.

Due to ill Brain Eating Meat Imports 10 Years Ago, Man\"s Death

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