Friday, 4 December 2015

Emma story, Birth Male 2 Days After Pregnant Know Himself

Emma Bromfield (38) and her husband Jason (38) do not think that they would have a baby again. However, how shocked they were when found pregnant Emma and two days later she gave birth to a baby boy. Last month, Emma was not coming months. He then did a pregnancy test and was stunned to find a positive outcome. After going to a GP, he was referred to Queen\’s Hospital for antenatal care. Therefore, when the doctor said Emma was pregnant nine weeks and he could risk miscarriage. But, the next day, the shocking news came from a midwife at

the hospital where Emma referenced. The midwife said that Emma was pregnant 35 weeks. Mother of four children were then taken to the delivery room and she was dilated. Forty minutes later, she managed to give birth to a baby boy who was given where Frankie with a weight of 2.7 kg and in good health. \”During this time I do not feel pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness. Even my weight did not increase. During this time, I often read stories of women who give birth without any previous mark, but it is now my taste it myself. I

was really in shock,\” said Emma is quoted from Mirror on Monday (11/30/2015). Not only Emma, ​​Jason was also surprised by pregnancy Emma. Because, after giving birth to two daughters, Emma had miscarried twice in five weeks gestation. Doctors say, ovarian Emma problematic that most likely he will not have another child. Emma grateful GP referring them for antenatal care. Otherwise, the day that he could make sure it stays working at the school as a coordinator lunch students. It is quite possible, she can give birth when it is busy doing her job. Coworkers Jason was also surprised to

hear Emma gave birth. \”I\’ve almost arrived at the office but my license back because I told Emma gave birth. My friend did not believe it because they do not know Emma was pregnant. Let him, I just do not know if this time she was pregnant. But anyway, the presence of Frankie is a Christmas gift The most beautiful for us, \”said Jason.

Emma story, Birth Male 2 Days After Pregnant Know Himself

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