Friday, 11 December 2015

Enforce outbreaks, IPB Data Students Infected Hepatitis

Enforce outbreaks, IPB Data Students Infected Hepatitis IPB impose extraordinary events (KLB) in the campus environment Dramaga, Bogor. This follows a dozen students who develop hepatitis types A. \”Collecting data on students who allegedly contracted hepatitis. Socialization to IPB students about balanced nutrition, food security, canteen profile IPB as well as curative and preventive hepatitits,\” said PR IPB in a statement on Friday (12/11/2015). IPB also quickly disseminate environmental sanitation and the provision of food hygiene to the canteen manager from both inside and outside the campus, a medical examination of students in collaboration with the District Health Office Bogor, counseling about healthy canteen in and around

the campus IPB, and action are clean environment inside campus and student residence environment. \”IPB actively coordinate with the Department of Public Health (Health) and the city of Bogor District to conduct a comprehensive follow-up. In particular, the Polyclinic IPB undertake coordinated measures for the handling of this case,\” he added. IPB also took the initiative to immediately establish a working group (WG) Prevention and Control of Hepatitis Outbreak in IPB which consists of various aspects related to the spread of this disease. Group consisted of SEAFAST center (aspects of food safety), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (aspects of zoonotic and

public health), Department of Community Nutrition (nutritional aspects), the Directorate of Business Development (aspect canteen management of IPB and its surroundings), the Directorate of Student Affairs (aspects of student welfare ), Polyclinic IPB (curative aspect), General Bureau (environmental hygiene aspects of campus), the Legal Bureau, Promotion and Public Relations (aspects of information and communication). Combating this disease is done with the student organizations are actively involved. \”The number of students who contracted hepatitits A is not yet known with certainty, today continued searches of students affected by this disease. Seeing the conditions in IPB this time, the spread hepatitits A

can not be called an outbreak, it is classified as an extraordinary incident (KLB). Deployment can be regarded as a disease outbreak when the number of patients increased significantly in excess of the conditions prevalent at the time and a particular area and can cause havoc, \”he explained. \”Separately, faculty, staff, student organizations, to students individually participate actively remind each other to maintain the health and cleanliness of the campus that is spread through social media. Beware of hepatitis A! Let us keep the environment clean and apply a clean and healthy life, \”he closed.

Enforce outbreaks, IPB Data Students Infected Hepatitis

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