Friday, 11 December 2015

Extraordinary Events, Hepatitis Attacking IPB students!

Extraordinary Events, Hepatitis Attacking IPB students! IPB campus amid imposing Extraordinary Events (KLB) hepatitis. This condition is imposed after dozens masiswa in Dramaga Campus, Bogor virus hepatitis. Since today, Friday (11/12/2015) through Sunday (13/12) doctors of the District Health Office Bogor down to campus DRAMAGA examination. Hepatitis is a virus that attacks the organs of the human heart. Liver inflammation, so that the function of the liver to filter toxins in the blood disrupted. Not only that, IPB also conduct health education to the student / student, as well as food and beverage vendors on campus. Here are the steps IPB Prevent and Overcome Hepatitis Cases,

as quoted from the official facebook account IPB: 1. Form a Working Group (WG) Outbreak Prevention and Control of Hepatitis at the IPB campus, which consists of relevant working units in IPB include: (a) Seafast Center – aspects of food safety, (b) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Zoonotic and health aspects society, (c) the Department of Community Nutrition – nutritional aspects, (d) the Directorate of Business Development – aspects of the canteen management of IPB and its surroundings, (e) Directorate of Student Affairs – aspects of student welfare, (f) Polyclinic IPB – aspects of curative, (g) General Bureau – hygiene

aspects of the campus environment, (h) Organization of Student Affairs (i) Legal Bureau, Promotion and Public Relations – aspects of information and communication. 2. Coordinate with the City Health Office and District of Bogor for a comprehensive follow-up 3. In particular, the Polyclinic IPB will undertake coordinated measures for the handling of this case. Through these measures the expected case of an outbreak of hepatitis in the IPB campus environment can be addressed and prevented from spreading. Legal Bureau, Promotion and Public Relations IPB

Extraordinary Events, Hepatitis Attacking IPB students!

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