Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Girl 13 Years Disability Raped By Pregnant

Girl 13 Years Disability Raped By Pregnant A girl was raped until pregnant with disabilities. 13-year-old girl from Uganda is known to be deaf and retarded. The mother unnamed claimed her son just left at home and never go outside. Because of that suspicion falls on family members. The mother said that having access to visit the child only her husband and three of her brother. This case was already reported to the police. However, the police did not investigate. Even the request of the mother to perform DNA tests to prove the identity of the perpetrators was not done. \”This proves that the legal discrimination against

women, especially women with disabilities, still very strong place in Uganda. Persons with disabilities are very difficult to report crimes against them, especially crimes related to sexual violence,\” said Kimberly Brown, one of the members non-governmental organization Equality Now, told Reuters on Thursday (05/07/2015). Equality Now is an NGO engaged in social welfare. One of the campaigns they are moving is #JusticeForGirls. The campaign was conducted to support legal equality between the perpetrators of sexual violence against women. Uganda is being in the spotlight because of the high cases of sexual violence that occurred there. 39 percent of women had

experienced violence at least once in her life, whether it be rape or abuse. Persons with disabilities are the group most at risk of becoming a victim. \”Sexual violence has become endemic in Uganda. Most of the perpetrators are not punished and that the victims are blamed when sexual violence occurs,\” said Brown again. Moreover, education about sexual violence is still low in Uganda. many families do not report for fear of social reproach and punishment of the public. Though the victim should be protected and fought for their rights, rather than shunned. Thanks to #JusticeForGirls campaign, the police was

moving. The girls with disabilities were already doing a DNA test to find out who the perpetrators who raped her. But Brown hope, not only this case who eventually became a concern. \”Persons with disabilities are often underestimated because they have a lower social status than others. But we are equally human, and they are entitled to justice which they are entitled,\” he concluded.

Girl 13 Years Disability Raped By Pregnant

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