Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Hepatitis Virus A Special Look Up Easily Transmitted in IPB

Hepatitis Virus A Special Look Up Easily Transmitted in IPB Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health, Ministry of Health, Dr. HM Subuh, MPPM, explained that the hepatitis A virus has properties that enable it to easily spread. Coupled with a suitable environment, it is no wonder the virus can suddenly emerge to infect many people as happened in http://www.deviantart.com/users/outgoing?www.ruangtani.com/10-cara-lengkap-dan-mudah-budidaya-ternak-jangkrik-menghasilkan/ the campus Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) in recent years. According to Dr. Dawn of 28 students IPB infected with hepatitis A are likely exposed from food or drink that is not hygienic. This is reinforced by the findings of traces of the virus in the sample gallons of drinking water

available in the hostels and canteens around campus. \”We know that hepatitis A infection was only one way that orofecal. Oro was the fecal sewer mouth,\” said Dr. Dawn told in the Ministry of Health, Kuningan, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (15/12/2015). In contrast to other viruses that can only be transmitted when a person is directly exposed to body fluids such as blood. In hepatitis A, a person got infected when clean when defecation for example, then it can \’stick\’ virus in foods or drinks by mistake. \”Hepatitis A is more special because the virus can live outside (host ed)

3-4 hours so he most likely the infection. If the virus to another in a matter of minutes will die,\” says Dawn. \”Hepatitis A long they will live outside. To that I say this is a matter of hygiene and sanitation of food and personal hygiene and sanitation,\” he continued. Indonesian society which do little Behavior Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBs) will be highly vulnerable to infection http://www.diettonya.com/collection/link.asp?url=www.ruangtani.com/10-cara-lengkap-dan-mudah-budidaya-ternak-jangkrik-menghasilkan/ with hepatitis A. It\’s just as simple as hand washing habits have not become a strong presence in all circles.

Hepatitis Virus A Special Look Up Easily Transmitted in IPB

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