Sunday, 6 December 2015

How to lose weight faster

How to lose weight fast without exercise or diet or pills Losing weight doesn\’t have to constantly leave you feeling hungry; there are some fantastic weight loss foods that believe it or not will fill you up. First, here are 3 tips to help keep the weight down: – Don\’t skip breakfast! Most people trying to lose weight skip breakfast to keep their calories down. This will backfire! Eating breakfast gets your metabolism up and going so you burn more calories throughout the day. – Do what you can when you can. If you are watching TV and a commercial comes on, do some sit-ups or if you\’re hungry, grab some

fruit. – Avoid foods that have \”partially hydrogenated\” on the label, they contain trans fats. Keep these tips in mind, and even if you can\’t pick the foods you should you\’ll still be on track. Now, here are ten great weight loss foods. They all have a low Glycemic index, which means that your body processes them slowly and you\’ll feel full longer. It\’s very hard to keep eating when you feel full! 1) Asparagus – just boil some asparagus spears and shock in ice water, then cut into 1 inch pieces and drizzle with balsamic vinegar for a healthy

snack 2) Cucumber – cut into 2 inch sticks and dip into yogurt if you\’re in a sweet mood 3) Low-fat Yogurt – keep some on hand for whenever you\’re in a snacking mood 4) Tomatoes – cherry tomatoes are a fantastic healthy snack if you\’re on the go, and they keep well 5) Cherries – not the canned kind! Fresh cherries! Yes, I know they\’re expensive, but they\’re very healthy, and spitting the pits can be good fun 6) Apples – You knew it was going to be on here somewhere. If you have to dip it in something,

dip in honey. It\’ll be just as sweet but with way fewer calories 7) Canned Baked beans – for a very filling meal, get some turkey How to lose weight fast at home sausage to mix it. It\’ll have plenty of protein with much less fat than hot dogs.

How to lose weight faster

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