Thursday, 10 December 2015

If Organ Intimate Developing Child Not Perfect, Do not Hurry Circumcised

Every parent would want to give the best for their children, especially if the child is diagnosed with Disorder of Sexual Development (DSD) which makes intimate organ not fully developed. Unfortunately, most parents also actually \’rush\’ in determining the sex of the child. As a result, not a few parents who then decided to circumcise her son, though perhaps not yet fully grown penis like other boys his age. Previously communicated that it is important for parents not to be covered and immediately went to the doctor if the child is found to have the development of the sex organs

are not perfect. After then performed a series of checks, then the doctor will then determine what the sex of the child and how treatment is most appropriate action. For example if the child has a DSD with hypospadias, where the hole urine but not at the tip of the penis at the base of the penis. With so doctors will perform surgery to remove urine from the pit bottom to the tip of the penis. Or in other cases, for example by improving the structure of the operation so as not to stick penis. Well, according to urology specialists

of Hospital Asri Jakarta, Dr. Irfan Wahyudi, SpU, if then the operation has been carried out and the condition of the child sex organs are already formed, then later returned to the doctor can be consulted if it is to be circumcised. \”Or there is but a small penis because of lack of hormones,\” said Dr. Irfan. \”Circumcised can, but do not rush circumcised. Better still checked first to see a doctor,\” said Dr. Irfan when talking with detikHealth, Monday (02/02/2015).

If Organ Intimate Developing Child Not Perfect, Do not Hurry Circumcised

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