Friday, 18 December 2015

In the year 2019, the plan will be an additional 5 Complete Primary Immunization

During this time, in Indonesia complete basic immunization for children include the provision of eight vaccines for diphtheria, polio, tetanus, measles, tuberculosis, BCG, pneumonia, hepatitis B, and meningitis. The plan, in 2019 the vaccine will be increased to 13 vaccine. Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health (P2PL) Ministry of Health, dr HM Dawn, MPPM, said the number of vaccine should be increased because of the increasing number of existing disease exposure. Moreover, compared to neighboring countries that already have 13 antigen, even the United States already has 15 antigen. \”It is time for Indonesia to do that. Plus

many diseases that potentially affect child development. Today is in a period of preparation will be entered in our rubella vaccine, pneumococcus, injectable polio vaccine, rotavirus, and japanese encephalitis. The disease is still threatened in Indonesia , \”said Dawn. Met at the Ministry of Health\’s Office, Jl HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Monday (04/20/2015), Dawn said today, in Indonesia, the average complete basic immunization has reached the target. However, the problem needs to be aware disparity or gap between districts or villages. Therefore, the scope of the Universal Child Immunization (UCI) 2002-2014 year average is still less than 80%.

Ideally figures UCI, said Dawn was 100% but if the field has reached 90%, the health protection through universal immunization has been carried out. UCI itself the target of at least 90%. Complete Immunization Data Base (IDL) in 2014 reached 86.8% while 82.8% of UCI village. \”Target IDL 93% until 2019. While the village UCI 92%, meaning that should not be a single village in a district immunization coverage is less than 90%. For example, reached 92% in one district but there is a village, whose scope is only 85%, is not considered UCI. It is heavy work for us

to equalize immunization although it is not simply a matter of giving immunization course but how do we keep the quality of immunizations given, \”said Dawn. Meanwhile, the equity gap caused by the immunization is said Dawn geographical variations that are still difficult, socio-economic problems such as the issue of halal haram in some areas, and the issue that immunizations can cause autism. Then, there are also barriers to the number of vaccines and syringes provided by the central government. To overcome this obstacle, one of the efforts made by the Ministry of Health held a National Immunization Acceleration Movement.

On April 26, 2015, the Ministry of Health conduct the peak of World Immunization Week. The series of events is beginning a campaign activity maternal and child health care that will run for 9 months, starting from April 21 in the Kartini Day until December 22, coinciding with Mother\’s Day. \”World Immunization Week 2015 dated April 24 to 30 will be intensification of immunization services in each region for 7 days, the holiday remains open. Do also sweeping immunization, immunization management training, and to remind the public the importance of immunization to prevent diseases because immunization is the way that

efficient and effective way to tackle the disease, \”said Dawn.

In the year 2019, the plan will be an additional 5 Complete Primary Immunization

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