Sunday, 27 December 2015

mengobati kudis secara alami

As an Indonesian, must have been familiar with one type of citrus this one. Yes, lime, or in the language of international commonly known as citrus. Different lime with grapefruit in general, because it can not be eaten just like that. Lime much equated with lemon, but despite having a mengobati kudis pada anak similar fruit, usually lime memilii better taste. However, many people equate lime with lemon. Lime has a small size, the size measurement of 2-5 cm, and usually has a sour taste incredible. Benefits lime is widely used for household and everyday life. What are the benefits of lime? Benefits Lime

has many properties, although this fruit has a small size. Here are some benefits of lime: As Materials and Seasoning Cuisine Benefits lime that is certain is often used as an ingredient and seasoning. Withering which often is used for the manufacture of lime sauce, so it is also famous for its oranges istlah orange sauce. For Cleaning Fat in Kitchen Appliances If the kitchen utensils were dirty and full of grease stains, now no longer need to worry. Lime is one solution that is sufficiently accurate to clean kitchen utensils from grease stains are stubborn. The proof, almost all

washing products kitchen furniture and cookers have the content of lime in it. Being a \”soap\” for Handwashing For those who love the cuisine in the restaurant field or Sundanese dishes, cutlery rarely used. Usually more delicious to eat directly by hand, without the aid of a spoon and fork. Hands dirty by mengobati kudis kurap food, can clean and fresh, if you wash your hands with water that has been mixed with pieces of lime.

mengobati kudis secara alami

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