Friday, 18 December 2015

Ministry of Health: The Most Cost Effective Health Efforts are Immunizations

Ministry of Health: The Most Cost Effective Health Efforts are Immunizations The embodiment of the phrase is better to prevent than cure can be done early either by giving children immunized. Unfortunately, despite a government program, sometimes there are still many parents who are reluctant to immunize their children. \”In fact, if the calculated health efforts are most cost effective it is immunization. We can avoid the diseases that are preventable by immunization,\” said Director of Child Health Ministry of Health Dr. Elizabeth Jane Soepardi, MPH, DSc at the Office of the Ministry of Health, Jl HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Monday (04/20/2015). \”For example, the existing measles vaccine. But

we do not want to be immunized, measles happens first and then treated. That is, if calculated the cost to vaccinate is much cheaper than the cost of treatment has not added risk of disability or death,\” said Dr. Jane. He added that the vaccine acts to reduce child mortality in Indonesia. Compared to the 90s, child deaths due to diphtheria and pertussis is considerably less than in 2014. Meanwhile, the cause of death from pneumonia vaccine which incidentally has not entered Indonesia is still quite high. During this time, said Dr. Jane, it is a vaccine intended to prevent

infectious diseases alone, despite the fact that vaccines are also being developed for non-communicable diseases such as hypertension. \”Hypertension is associated with one node in the kidney and there are viruses that play in it. Tampered virus that could possibly be developed vaccine. It is profitable once it if all the diseases in the world there is a vaccine,\” said Dr. Jane. Present in the same occasion, the chairman of the Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI) Dr. Dr. Aman B Pulungan SpA (K) said currently being conducted research for vaccine prevention of diabetes mellitus (DM), particularly type 1 diabetes in some

countries, one of which Australia. This vaccine, said Dr. Aman potentially prevent children from type 1 DM. \”So DM type 1 is associated with the reaction of certain viruses. Of course with this vaccine can prevent diabetes. For adults, too, not just children. But this is still research it is still a trial. There is no recommendation in the world because so far there is developed in Australia, \”said Dr. Aman.

Ministry of Health: The Most Cost Effective Health Efforts are Immunizations

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