Sunday, 13 December 2015

Not Just Fun, Playing Child Can Boost Brain Function

Not Just Fun, Playing Child Can Boost Brain Function For parents who love to spend time playing together baby, without realizing it you are increasing the work function of the brain and provide sensory stimulation, motor and cognitive skills in children. Health practitioner Dr. Trisna Desmiati, SpKFR, Kes, said that stimulation of an activity to stimulate the child\’s ability to grow and develop optimally. In the talk show \’How To Optimize Your Child\’s Growth & Development In The Golden Age\’ which took place in RSIA Kemang Medical Center, Kemang, South Jakarta, Saturday (12/12/2015), Dr. Trisna also revealed that playing a media stimulation of child development The easiest thing to

do. Besides easy to do, play also is an activity performed by a happy baby so that parents can easily perform the process of stimulation. Described by Dr. Trisna, there are several stages in the development of child\’s play. Starting from the age of 6-8 months the children began to pick up objects with a specific purpose. Entering the age of 8-12 months they began exploring the object of curiosity. At the age of 12-18 months, children begin playing symbolic, for example when there is an empty glass they started to pretend to drink, at this age children already know

what the usefulness of the object. \”Entering the age of 18-24 months, they start playing the game with regard to others, for example pretending suapin suapin doll or mama. This step shows that the mindset of working children. Entering the age of 24-30 months, they start playing symbolic games planned, for example, he likens an object into other useful objects. Finally at the age of 3-5 years, they began to play a socio-drama, the game pretending to be Batman or a figure like his favorite hero, \”said Dr. Trisna. Ahmad Syakib, SFT, SKM, practitioners of RSIA Kemang Medical Center, says

that in addition to the game, again parents also have a role to develop the child\’s ability. An example is to develop the ability to move. The ability to move the child must be accompanied by force or network flexibility, a good balance, cognition or attention. When one of them does not exist, it will pose a barrier to development. Moreover, Ahmad Syakib also explained that there are two important positive impact of movement for children, first in the readiness to learn and help the motor perceptual skills. Parents are advised to engage in activities that involve movement to help

children grow and stimulate the sensory, motor and cognitive. \”Do not forget, to achieve the development of the child optimal there is an integrated team that is very influential. Members integrated team that includes parents, large families, household assistant, associated professionals and schools. Where members of an integrated team should understand the child\’s condition, skilled, love and love, positive thinking, patience and sincerity in the care and raising children, \”said Ahmad Syakib.

Not Just Fun, Playing Child Can Boost Brain Function

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