Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Not Just Smoke, Smoke When Cooking Can Too Dangerous to Health

When there is a combustion process, it will produce smoke containing carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and harmful to health. It also applies to the smoke produced when cooking in the kitchen. To that end, it should be noted that the kitchen is well ventilated and do not tend to be closed so that the smoke generated during cooking can be removed properly and are not inhaled, say Dr. Lula Kamal. \”Especially in firewood combustion is not perfect, smoke more. All noxious fumes, including cigarette smoke also smoke when we cook, CO, SO2, NO2, it

is all the oxidant as a result of the combustion process so that damage health and can cause trouble breathing , \”said Dr. Lula. Oxidants, said Dr. Lula potentially cause cell mutation, irritation of the respiratory tract ranging from pneumonia to lung cancer, and could be a cancer risk factor nafosaring. The smoke from the cooking process is also said to Dr. Lula impact on skin, especially facial skin. \”We cook the trying to get a dish that is healthy, but the process of cooking should also be careful, do not let it be a bet for our health,\” said

Dr. Lula on the sidelines Brand Launching Fortile Indonesia at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta, Thursday ( 07.05.2015). Aside from making sure the kitchen is well ventilated, smoke sucker kitchen (cooker hood) according to Dr. Lula can be used to minimize exposure to kitchen smoke. Moreover, if the cooking process \’heavy\’, it took a long time to cook so the smoke will continue to come out. \”Choose the hood do not just design wrote but sure can suck the smoke very well. So, note the function and good quality, new design. To cook it we use a dirty kitchen, but remember

there is something unhealthy in there that kitchen smoke generated from the process cooking and it is also harmful to health, \”said Dr. Lula.

Not Just Smoke, Smoke When Cooking Can Too Dangerous to Health

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