Sunday, 27 December 2015

obat herbal wasir buat ibu hamil

obat tradisional ambeien berdarah Kasturi is a typical tropical plants from Borneo that most people refer to it as mango Borneo. Kasturi plant which has the Latin name Mangifera casturi, initially are enemik (only) in the forests around Banjarmasin in Kalimantan. Since many cases of deforestation, this plant is getting hard to be found obat herbal ambeien bagi ibu hamil in the forests of Borneo. This makes this plant has been entered into the Red List of IUCN (International Union for Consercation of Nature) as the plants become extinct (Extinct in the Wild). \”Extinct here means, this plant can not be found anymore in territory original and can only be

found in plantations or in the area of ​​conversion. Fruit characteristics Kasturi Kasturi fruit benefits Tree reaches 25 meters high with a trunk large enough measurement is 40-110 cm The color of the bark is white grayish brown and there are bright Daunya form lancet and spired Young leaf color is purple Kasturi fruit resembles a mango in general but memiiki small size and weighs about 50-84 grams. Kasturi fruit has 3 types of fruit are: Kasturi, the kind that produces fruit oval green black spots when young and turns into a blackish color when older. Cuban, kind of similar

to musk, but the fruit is reddish and black when older. his skin is more easily separated from the fruit that is yellow orange. Pilipisan acid, which has a kind kasturi fruit pale green and black spots, but when the old will remain green. Kasturi this kind has far more fiber and color of orange yellow green flesh. Although obat herbal ambeyen berdarah the fruits are small, musk has a fragrant smell and delicious taste so much liked by the public, especially masyarakata South Kalimantan.

obat herbal wasir buat ibu hamil

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