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obat kurap ampuh

obat kurap yg ampuh Bintaro organic product originates from trees bintaro that the sorts of plants, incorporating into the class of plant shade as the advantages of greening nature. Bintaro tree has strong properties, quickly developing and ready to adjust as are utilized to quiet the street. Regularly, this tree has a tallness of obat kurap alami up to 12 meters and has leaves that are oval molded like mango takes off. To his own men, bintaro have organic product that looks like an egg with a size of 5-10 cm ruby on the off chance that it has been cooked. The substance of the Fruit Bintaro

Taking into account research Faperta Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB), natural product bintaro comprising of 8% seed and 92% mash. Area seeds shell separated into 14% and 86% seed meats. Bintaro seed oil contains between 35-half (contrasted and the 14% castor bean and palm oil 20%). The drier the seed bintaro the more the oil content. These oils incorporate non-sustenance sorts of oil, including 22.1% palmitic corrosive, 6.9% stearic corrosive, 54.3% oleic corrosive, linoleic corrosive and 16.7%. Albeit just contains some oil, advantages binataro natural product is generally utilized as materials as a part of specific: 1. Pengisur Rat Advantages of

this bintaro can dijdikan rodent poison in light of the fact that these organic products contain cerberin poisons that can harm the focal apprehensive rodent cerebrum. With a sharp feeling of smell, the rats will be away. Step by step instructions to make natural product bintaro be rodent toxic substance was very simple. To be specific by putting the organic product bintaro the standard range navigated by mice so that the rodents themselves as it will go. 2. Elective Fuels In light of examination Faperta IPB, organic product bintaro can really be utilized as an option fuel. Indeed, even in

light of the consequences of poisonous quality tests from the sap of the organic product, demonstrated not too bad bintaro oil utilized as fuel, with the scent, smoke and different deposits are moderately sheltered. 3. Lamp oil At the point when combined with castor beans, seeds of organic product bintaro surely have a higher oil content. Through a few phases of preparing, 1 kg of oil can be delivered from 1.8 kg of seeds bintaro dried. This oil can be utilized as a substitute for lamp oil for the stove. Preparing of natural product into oil bintaro likewise numbered rapidly

and effectively, as for the way he seems to be: – Drying seeds in the sun bintaro – Then the processed or crushed beans were dry bintaro – Do it squeezed until the oil out – If blended with soil, the oil channel – If fundamental, leave the oil for one to two evenings with a specific end goal to settle their droppings At that point, the oil is prepared to utilize. 4. Harmful caterpillar Grayak A study directed by the Research Institute of Agricultural Land Swamp (Balittra), Banjar Baru South Kalimantan is doing research on organic product bintaro, to

armyworms. Consequences of examination led in 2008, indicates 24 hours in the wake of devouring sustenances that are dunked in an answer bintaro, as much as 30% of the populace kick the bucket armyworm. Actually, the death rate expanded to 90-95% following 60-72 hours of this treatment. 5. Biopestida Methods for making bintaro biopestida of the advantages of the organic product is genuinely simple, in particular by extraction (ethanol and water). Here\’s the manner by which: The primary concern is to get ready 1 kg of leaf crisp bintaro 2 days then absorb an answer of ethanol or CH3)2CO Furthermore,

sifted to partitioned the fluid concentrate with takes off After that uapkan to focused fluid obat kurap yang ampuh concentrate For application, a measurements of 1 g is 1 liter of water. You do this by dissolving 1 g of pasta in 5-10 cc tween oil, then included a little water. At long last, shower 500 liters of answer for one hectare of area.

obat kurap ampuh

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