Sunday, 13 December 2015

People Like This Vulnerable Natural Gingivitis

People Like This Vulnerable Natural Gingivitis Inflamed gums bleed and vulnerable can make tooth loss if not dealt with. The main factor cause is bacteria in plaque and tartar that some people have to be extra careful because it is more vulnerable. drg Sandra Olivia, MARS, SpPerio, explaining the plaque leftovers if not cleaned properly can form tartar. Bacteria are gathered in this will scrape tartar, gum and then destroy bone in it so that it can create severe inflammation if it is going to make wobbly tooth. \”When spit bloody sign number one,\” said Sandra explained drg early signs of gingivitis in Healthy Gums SOBAT

educational event in Downtown Bistro, Landmark Building, Jl Sudirman, Jakarta, Monday (16/03/2015). To prevent someone must maintain oral hygiene by brushing teeth regularly, but in some people the risk is still there. drg Sandra says these people are smokers, diabetics and pregnant women. In patients with diabetes blood sugar levels are not controlled can have a thickening of the blood vessels. The flow of nutrients and waste products from the body will become increasingly slow flow thus decreasing the body\’s ability to fight bacteria on the teeth. Meanwhile for pregnant women, drg Sandra explained that during pregnancy there is fluctuation

of hormones that occurs. The imbalance of these hormones affect the body\’s immunity which also led to more easily infect bacteria and makes the gums inflamed. Last smokers is similar to the case of pregnant women. drg Sandra said immunity smokers not as people who are not so necessarily gums more easily infected and inflamed. \”Smokers tend gums do not bleed. When the body is no bacterial agents entered no army body armor who fought as bacteria so he inflamed. If the smoker this army could not get out so baseball is a battle, not inflamed. This means that smokers

are even more rapid damage,\” drg said Sandra. Therefore drg Sandra suggested that people who are at risk is to check the state of your teeth once every six months. If properly treated teeth and gums should be durable to survive until a person aged 65 years.

People Like This Vulnerable Natural Gingivitis

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