Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Persib: Not Just SENSE Potential Fraud

Persib: Not Just SENSE Potential Fraud The news related to the possibility of fraud in the implementation of National Health Insurance (JKN) make Indonesian Hospital Association (Persian) stifling. Chairman they spoke. Dr. Kuntjoro Adi Purjanto, Chairman of Persi said the news circulating merely related to potential fraud allegations. Do not get the news that are alleged truths and end up harming either party. \”It\’s important to understand that not only the RS potential fraud. It could be done participant JKN, officers BPJS Health, the official health facilities first level (FKTP) and the provider of obay and medical devices,\” said Kuntjoro, in a news conference inauguration of

the new board dispersions Persi 2015-2018 period at Menara Peninsula, Lt. Jl S Parman, Slipi, West Jakarta, Tuesday (08/12/2015). \”That is why the government must do the right coaching. Function Persi its only advocacy alone,\” he added. It is said Kuntjoro, Persi supporting all government efforts to prevent fraud and other fraud. He also said he is ready to join hands with the Ministry of Health in the socialization Permenkes No. 36 in 2015 on the prevention of fraud. Permenkes socialization is needed because it is new and it is likely not all elements of the system JKN know. Cooperation

is done so that the rules, procedures and fraud prevention instruments can be well understood by the hospital. \”Persi clear commitment, support JKN program. Permenkes fraud prevention is recently published. The first step must Boost dissemination and advocacy. So we both understood what it was fraud,\” he concluded.

Persib: Not Just SENSE Potential Fraud

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