Friday, 11 December 2015

Planning Pregnant Again? Maintain Ideal Weight Infants Born to Avoid Risk of Death

Planning Pregnant Again? Maintain Ideal Weight Infants Born to Avoid Risk of Death Before planning to become pregnant, a woman is advised to keep her weight at an ideal range. For pregnant women who are overweight will have a negative impact on its content. But not only ahead of the pregnancy alone, a recent study from the Karolinska Institute, Sweden reveal women who gain weight between the two pregnancies also haunted by the same risks, namely stillbirth or stillbirth and infant death in the first month of life. It is based on observations of more than 450,000 women in Sweden who had two pregnancies within a year from 1992 to 2012. Apparently, being

a body mass index or BMI to rise above 4 points between the two pregnancies greater risk of stillbirth or premature death, especially in the second pregnancy. The increase in BMI yourself 4 points equivalent to a weight gain of 11 kg for women with average height. This condition also applies to those who have a normal weight in their first pregnancy. When the weight they gained as much as 6-11 kg before the second pregnancy, it is associated with the risk of stillbirth and premature death by 27-60 percent in the second pregnancy. Similarly, as quoted by LiveScience, Friday

(12/11/2015). Interestingly, this risk is not visible if the concerned had been overweight since her first pregnancy. However, when women with overweight this will eliminate up to 6 kg weight before pregnancy second child, the risk of stillbirth be decreased by 50 percent. Researchers feel these findings are important because of their observations, generally 15 percent of women who have recently given birth will experience weight gain average of more than 6 kg before getting pregnant again. \”This means that it is important to emphasize the prevention of weight gain ahead of the pregnancy, both in women with a healthy

weight or overweight, and for those who are obese, an attempt to lose weight should continue to be promoted,\” wrote the researchers in a report published in the journal The Lancet , So far researchers have not been able to explain exactly why the risk of stillbirth in women with excess weight is so high. They just assumed, obesity and weight gain has long been known to increase inflammation in the body, which also has the potential to cause harm to the pregnancy. These findings remained consistent even though they have considered other factors are also known to trigger the

risk of stillbirth, such as the age of the mother during pregnancy, smoking habits, and also the distance antarkehamilan.

Planning Pregnant Again? Maintain Ideal Weight Infants Born to Avoid Risk of Death

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