Thursday, 3 December 2015

Quick Can not Missing, Here\"s How to Remove Keloid Post Use Henna

Quick Can not Missing, Here\’s How to Remove Keloid Post Use Henna Has recently emerged that the use of henna information can lead to the onset of keloid skin. Well, how do I eliminate it? According to Dr. Eddy Karta, SpKK of EDMO Clinic South Jakarta, keloid is a connective tissue that grow excessively triggered by an injury to the depth of the dermis of the skin. This growth will be long lasting even when the wound has healed and is often accompanied by itching or pain. \”Treatment until now no one has managed to heal completely and satisfactorily. Some methods of treatment include surgery, steroid injections or laser,\” said Dr. Eddy

to detikHealth, Monday (08/03/2015). Concurred with Dr. Eddy, dermatologist and sex of the D & I Skin Centre Denpasar, Dr. Lakshmi Duarsa, SpKK, also said that although it is not 100 percent recovered, but at least these ways can make a keloid to fade. One way is to use a special cream. Dr Lakshmi said that the use of drugs in the form of a cream is usually chosen if the keloid appears not long ago. \”But if it\’s been a while, it will usually chosen method of injection. This should be done by a specialist in skin and venereal

based on the condition of keloid itself. Remember, too, this injection method also can not be only 1-2 times, must be orderly,\” said Dr. Lakshmi. Well, the last step can be done to overcome the keloid is by surgery. This action is usually performed if the condition of keloid patients could no longer be treated with creams or drug injection. One obstacle in treating keloids, according to Dr. Lakshmi is the location of the keloid itself. If the keloid is in the joints, then the treatment will be slightly disrupted because usually the patient will feel itching due to the

movement in the joint. \”Later usually getting carded, keloidnya continues to expand. The treatment becomes more time,\” said Dr. Lakshmi.

Quick Can not Missing, Here\"s How to Remove Keloid Post Use Henna

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