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salep herpes di apotik

salep herpes genital Benefits durian fruit is actually still not many people know about it. Durian is known for quite pungent aroma and everyone loved it. In fact, pungent fruit is a fruit native to Indonesia and although quite a pungent smell, there are many people who made addictive because it is so salep herpes paling manjur distinctive. The fruit flavor is unique and very lucrative for pecintanya tongue, but is there any real benefit durian fruit ?? because the durian fruit, enough fear to consume, especially for patients with hypertension. 1. Calories and Fat Durian fruit contains about 357 calories, contained in 1 cup serving of

fruit. Durian fruit also contains fat, but the amount of fat yangsedikit, which is about 13 grams per serving to 33 percent of calories. Limit your fat intake around% of daily calories, if menonsumsi durian. 2. Carbohydrates There are about 130 grams of carbohydrates in a cup durian, and this is sufficient about half the recommended amount of calories per day. When eating durian, watch out for a meal plan, by monitoring the consumption of carbohydrates. Consume too much carbohydrate foods, may increase the risk of weight gain. Include in your diet around 25-38 grams of fiber to help prevent

constipation, diarrhea and other digestive problems. 3. Protein One cup of durian invite protein as much as 3.6 grams of protein daily or sufficient for about 6.4 percent to 7.8 percent. In one study published in the May 2010 \”American Journal of Gastroenterology\” showed that the protein of meat and fish can lead to increased risk of irritable bowel syndrome, so getting protein from fruits, vegetables and other sources may be better to reduce the risk of this. 4. Vitamins and Minerals Each 1 cup durian contains 80 percent vitamin C that the body needs in one day. Vitamin C

also acts in the formation of collagen in the skin and improve the body\’s immune system. In addition, the durian is also insufficient intake of vitamin B-6 is needed in the body every day. 5. Iron and copper Copper and iron needed in the salep herpes kulit formation of red blood cells healthy. Durian also contains manganese which helps with bone and skin health. Not only that, about 25 percent of riboflavin and copper intake is recommended, in the first portion of the durian.

salep herpes di apotik

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