Monday, 14 December 2015

Scientists Able to Predict Success of Brain Waves Film Audience

The success of a film can be measured by the number of spectators and the turnover derived from the broadcast. Interestingly, a group of researchers found another way to predict the success of a film, namely by using brain waves. Even the participants who took part in this study only need to be shown the trailer alone, then by observing their brain waves, researchers could estimate whether the film could enter the \’box office\’ or not when played on the big screen later. For this study, 32 participants were included, the average of them are students. Each person then treated

to 18 movie trailers, and their heads plastered with electrodes to measure their brain waves, or commonly called electroencephalography, or EEG tests. Every time they finished watching the trailer, participants were asked if the film was interesting or not and whether they deign to buy the DVD or not. And after watching the 18th movie trailers provided, then participants were asked to provide ratings based on whether or not the films that in their eyes. Similarly, as quoted by LiveScience, Monday (03/16/2015). Answers were then compared with the results of their EEG test. It was from observations of beta waves

in the brain, the researchers concluded that the larger the waves recorded when participants watch the trailer, then the higher the positive assessment given to the participants that he had seen the movie before. Likewise, when researchers observed gamma waves in their brains. The higher the wave activity is, the more profit scooped from the film aired. \”And it turns out the calculations of this prediction is much more accurate when combined with observational data of brain wave, rather than just knowing the interest or their opinions only by survey. And this is one proof that the EEG is useful

in the real world, even able to make predictions about human behavior better, \”said researchers from Erasmus University. Moreover, EEG technology are relatively inexpensive, so that when this method is used as a marketing strategy, such as to optimize the manufacture of a trailer of a movie, the more profits will be obtained producers, because it is much more efficient.

Scientists Able to Predict Success of Brain Waves Film Audience

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