Thursday, 10 December 2015

Should moment, Avoid drinks Sweet Lumpy Quick Tdk To Kidney Damage

Outdoors when the temperature crept up certainly will hit thirst and desire quench your thirst with a variety of drinks emerged, not least sugary drinks. But be careful, do not carelessly drinking sugary drinks. Because the thick sweet drinks can harm the kidneys. Dr. Etra Ariadno SpPD Hospital Dr AL Mintoharjo, South Jakarta, said the sweet drink will increasingly make the body dehydrated. Sweet drinks have a viscosity that is more concentrated than body fluids that need to be diluted in order to be absorbed. \”Sugar is included in our bodies will draw the liquid so that the kidney will

compensate and so easily damaged,\” said Dr. Etra during a visit to the joint ASRIM office to AFP, and was written on Monday (02/02/2015). Head of the Division of Food Biochemistry from Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB), Professor Made Astawan, PhD, suggested that dilute the thick sugary drinks before drinking that is not too sweet. \”So the way we drink honey is also the nectar taught not to drink immediately. Disendok, put in a glass, continue to be water, the new drink dilute it so much more easily absorbed,\” said Prof Made. Prof Made said usually more sweet a drink then

the viscosity level is also high. White water is said by Prof Made is a liquid with a viscosity similar to body fluids so that it can better cope with dehydration. \”Do not drink the concentrated hard absorbed by our body when afternoons,\” Made lid. Consumption of sugary drinks instead of should not be, but not carelessly. If the drink is bottled beverages, it helps to first consider the label on the packaging to determine the nutritional value, so do not just look at the expiration date.

Should moment, Avoid drinks Sweet Lumpy Quick Tdk To Kidney Damage

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