Saturday, 12 December 2015

Sleeping with the Light On accustomed to Make Weight Down Hard Lho

Sleeping with the Light On accustomed to Make Weight Down Hard Lho Felt it was a way to manage your diet and exercise diligent but weight remains difficult to come down? It could be one reason is because there are too many sources of lighting in your bedroom. A recent study shows that too much light in the bedroom can make weight loss difficult tend to go up and down. Scientists believe that the light in the evening, including streetlights coming in through the curtains and the light of the smartphone, giving the effect on body weight. In an experiment conducted on mice, it was found that the animals were exposed to

light 24 hours a day for five weeks increased fat content of up to 50 percent, when compared to mice that were not exposed to light for it. It remains in effect even though these animals eat the amount of food the same and do the same exercise as well. Tests showed that exposure to constant light at bedtime interfere with their body clock and slow the crucial process of burning calories. One of the researchers involved from the Leiden University Medical Center, Patrick Rensen, said he believes his findings have relevance and can be utilized for those who are

attempting to lose weight. \”I think it would be helpful so that people can keep the rhythm of biological as possible, namely by sleeping in a room that is dark or low light at night,\” said Rensen, as quoted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science on Wednesday (13 / 5/2015). Meanwhile, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Rensen also said that something as simple as too often wake up at night to check the phone also can disrupt the body clock and the risk of causing weight gain. The results of previous research

in the journal Cancer Resarch reveals that exposure to light at night, which then lowers the production of the hormone melatonin, also can make breast cancer cells more robust and able to withstand Tamoxifen, a breast cancer drug that has been used widely. \”Melatonin levels are high at night making cells of breast cancer \’sleep\’ by turning off growth mechanism their prime. But when the lights are on and the amount of melatonin decreases, the cells of breast cancer \’wake up\’ and not affected by tamoxifen,\” said one Researchers from Tulane University, USA, David Blask.

Sleeping with the Light On accustomed to Make Weight Down Hard Lho

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