Friday, 11 December 2015

Study: Power of Running in Treadmill Could Be Indicator Long nutshell Age

Study: Power of Running in Treadmill Could Be Indicator Long nutshell Age How long a person\’s life is a mystery to humans. However, a number of researchers from the United States called the power of running on a treadmill can predict the short length of a person\’s age. Recently, researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found a formula for estimating the risk of death of a person based solely on their ability to run on a treadmill. His own study involving 58 020 people aged 18-96 years. By researchers, the formula is named FIT Treadmill Score. This formula only considers four factors, namely age, sex, maximum heart rate during exercise

intensely, as well as a person\’s body\’s ability to tolerate physical stress. The last factor is measured by a special method called \’metabolic equivalents (METs)\’ or the amount of energy that is released during exercise. So the more intense the sport, the greater the energy expended and tolerance to physical stress during exercise will also be greater. And this is tantamount to a person\’s fitness level high. This is evident when the researchers conducted experiments on 58 020 participants aged 18-96 years. Each of them was asked to undergo a fitness test standards in the 1991-2009 period, after which the

researchers recorded how many participants who died following causes. \”After we equate age and gender, fitness level they turned out to be largely determined by the achievement of maximum heart rate during exercise and numbers MET it. Take the example of two women aged 45 years with a score (level) different fitness. One level of fitness under fifth percentile and the risk of death calculated to reach 38 percent within the next 10 years, while the high level of fitness, the risk was only two percent of it, \”explained the researchers. Another advantage is owned FIT Treadmill Score, among others,

the calculation is simple and the cost is affordable, because all it takes is the cost to perform the test with treadmill itself. \”Score system based sports during this also only able to predict the risk of death short term, rose for patients with certain heart diseases, or have symptoms there. While this test can be applied to anyone,\” said lead researcher, Dr. Haitham Ahmed was quoted as saying FoxNews, Wednesday (04/03/2015). Given this test, Dr. Ahmed even dare to claim that a person\’s fitness level is a predictor of mortality foremost, even after the risk of certain diseases such

as diabetes and premature death in the family history has also been taken into account.

Study: Power of Running in Treadmill Could Be Indicator Long nutshell Age

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