Monday, 14 December 2015

Teller, Men\"s Confessing As Thor And Sex with Trees

Teller, Men\’s Confessing As Thor And Sex with Trees If you had said the drug could provide a calming effect, it is surely nonsense. Evidence, mostly drug addicts would often experience hallucinations and behavioral changes so that it looks like someone who lost sanity. Police officers Melbourne, Florida recently arrested a man running around in the middle of the town naked. From the statements of witnesses, a man named Kenneth Crowder also shouted that he was a god. Surprisingly again, after running, he then engage in sexual activity with a tree he met on the roadside. Looking at it, Kenneth then approached by a police officer Melbourne. But then

Kenneth clothed back. He was wearing blue jeans and white T-shirts. Instead of talking fine, Kenneth instead intends to attack the officer. The officer would not stay silent. He has prepared a Taser or electric shock devices and attempt to paralyze Kenneth. Who would have thought, 41-year-old man managed to escape and intends to attack the officer with a syringe carries. But after shocked with Taser again, Kenneth still trying to hit the cop. Lucky the police managed to punch the face of Kenneth beforehand, although in the end Kenneth rise again. \”He even had tried to stab me with

my own badge,\” the cop said. Interestingly, when confronted by the officer, Kenneth repeatedly shouted he was a god named Thor, who was none other than one of the Marvel comic character. Not long after, another officer arrived and helped apprehend Kenneth. Police suspect drunken Kenneth \’flakka\’. It is a new type of drug spreads in the middle of Florida. \’Flakka\’ itself is actually a variation of \’bath salt\’ and capable of providing the effect of \’high\’ is very strong. During this time flakka is often associated with violent behavior. \”We have talked to professionals in the medical field, and

they begin to see an increase in consumption Flakka in this region,\” said Melbourne police spokesman, Dan Lynch as quoted by Click Orlando, Friday (04/17/2015). Kenneth was then held at Brevard County Jail Complex.

Teller, Men\"s Confessing As Thor And Sex with Trees

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