Friday, 4 December 2015

The lack of health personnel in prisons Nusakambangan

The lack of health personnel in prisons Nusakambangan A large number of inmates or inmates in seven prisons in Nusakambangan, Cilacap, Central Java is not offset by the addition of medical personnel and health-care facilities in the prison island. At least 1,226 inmates in seven prisons. \”Medical personnel we are lacking, particularly in the reclaiming, general practitioners only 2 people and 1 dentist ordinary mobile to 7 prisons,\” said coordinator LP reclaiming who also Kalapas Stone, Marasidin, while talking to AFP, as written on Sunday (29 / 11/2015). According to him, the majority of complaints the inmates in reclaiming is flu and itching. As for the other diseases

that require special handling will usually be followed by bringing the inmates to the hospital in Cilacap. \”If there are prisoners who could not handle the pain after the examination would we not up to the Hospital outside reclaiming GP if we do not have the means infrastructures,\” he said. With all the limitations of personnel and health facilities as well as the number of prisoners who reaches thousands of people, usually physicians in reclaiming this will be helped by \’Tamping\’ or staff counselors to assist in prisons. This tamping usually taken from inmates who had to be free. \”So

my task if there is a sick friend through my treatment yes, then later to the doctor,\” said Sapta Ninggar Final, one of the inmates of prisons Stone. Sapta deliberately given knowledge of dispensing medicines to help prisoners who are sick and need medicine, while doctors are mobile around the prison in reclaiming yet to come. \”Complaints friends usually cold cough wrote. If I do not know concoction cure usually I ask the guard to connect with physicians via radio communication, later a doctor who love the size and I were concocting their own,\” he said around the lack of

health personnel in prisons Nusakambangan.

The lack of health personnel in prisons Nusakambangan

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