Friday, 11 December 2015

The Ministry of Health Align maze Primary Physician Services

The Ministry of Health Align maze Primary Physician Services The government\’s policy program opens Primary Physician Services (DLP) sparked controversy. Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) did not even acknowledge a professional organization that houses the new specialization. Health Minister Nila F Moeloek said, DLP is held in order to strengthen primary care. According to him, the current health budget more than absorbed by hospitals as primary care health centers. The proportion of payments in 2015 showed 79.95 percent or Rp 33,066,554 absorbed by the referral facility, the hospital. Health centers and other primary services only absorb 20.05 percent or Rp 8,291,241. \”This means that more patients come to the hospital,\”

said Health Minister Nila in a media briefing in his office, Jl HR Rasuna Said, South Jakarta, Friday (12/11/2015). DLP is formed with an additional competence, so that the patient does not need to be referred to hospital. Judging from his education, DLP parallel to a specialist. Education was the same old, between 2-3 years for regular education pathways. For patients, it may be a bit confusing because the DLP and general practitioners alike are in primary care. Special Staff of the Ministry of Health Sector Improvement Services, Prof Dr Akmal Taher, SpU (K) explained that the existence DLP will

not limit patient choice. \”It\’s up to the patient, where the doctor would be handled. Problem authority, DLP with general practitioners alike,\” said Prof. Akmal. However, written by Prof. Akmal, DLP is equipped with a number of competencies that are not owned by a general practitioner. One is the provision of clinical skills. In some countries, DLP with clinical skills are proven to reduce the number of referrals from primary care to specialist services. Meanwhile, Advisor to the Minister of Health Medicolegal Affairs drg Tritarayati, SH, Kes assess the existence of DLP provide more career options for physicians. After studying

and internship doctors, physicians may choose to remain a general practitioner, continuing professional education as DLP, or to specialize. \”The doctor who took the DLP has a grade 8,\” said drg Tritarayati. In the Presidential Regulation No. 8/2012 on the National Qualifications Framework for Indonesia, equivalent to grade 8 graduates of the Master of Applied and Masters. DLP education program will be implemented in 2016 with a priority for the health center doctor who has worked for more than 5 years. To track these non-regular, Head of Development and Empowerment of Human Resources (PPSDM) Health, drg Usman Sumantri, Kes mentions

that there is funding the education of Rp 26 billion. The policies supported by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) is not free from controversy. Rejection is coming from an organization that houses medical profession, namely the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI). In a press statement, Chairman of IDI IDI Prof Dr Dr Ilham Oetama Marsis, SpOG looked at the concept of DLP will burden future doctors, as well as degrading and doubted the competence of doctors who are currently serving the community in primary care.

The Ministry of Health Align maze Primary Physician Services

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