Friday, 11 December 2015

Trained Santa Claus here for Can Communicate with Autistic Children

By Christmas, public spaces such as malls and city parks usually become crowded, especially by children who enjoy the year-end holiday season. But for children with autism, it may be slightly different. Children with autism are known to be difficult to adapt to the hustle and noise as is commonly found in shopping malls. It then becomes the primary concern of a foundation called Autism Speaks. This year is the second time they held a program called Caring Santa. Caring Santa is a form of accommodation provided to children with autism in order to keep meeting with Santa in a

crowd, but with a \’modification\’. Modification of what is meant? First, Autism Speaks provides the Santa Claus-Santa Claus who has been trained to accommodate or communicate with autistic children. \”As part of the exercise, the Santa also know which children need special attention, and which are not. They are trained to be able to use special communication system with an autistic child,\” said Lisa Goring of Autism Speaks. Not only that, Autism Speaks also managed to embrace a number of shopping centers to take part in this program. \”Many children with autism are not able to be in the middle

of the mall crowded. Some others can not be waiting in line to meet with Santa, not to mention the challenge of other sensory such as lighting or a particular smell,\” said Lisa as quoted by ABC News, Friday (11/12 / 2015). In this case, the mall provides a special schedule that autistic children can meet Santa without the need to queue. Even the lighting and the music that accompanies them will be arranged in such a way so as to make children\’s stay comfortable. Each child was also given a free photo opportunities with Santa Claus, the following special

identification to identify that the person concerned is a child with autism.

Trained Santa Claus here for Can Communicate with Autistic Children

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